$100 divided into Three

Two weeks have passed and until now I don’t have an official entry to Noel and Levy’s Thanksgiving contest. One of the requirements is to answer the question “What will you do if you will win $100?” This is actually an easy question to answer, it is a lot of money and I can buy lots of stuffs with that already, I can even pay some debts and I can treat my husband and son in a favorite restaurant without thinking that we will go beyond our budget. But it took me two weeks to finally decide what I will do if ever I win $100 from Noel and Levy’s contest.  During the first week of the contest, I already told my husband to take a picture of my son’s old bike. I want to buy my son a new bike because when we were still living in Baesa (near my MIL’s house), he will always tell me to buy him a bike when we have extra money because he was just borrowing the bike of his cousin. Now the bike is nowhere to be found, maybe MIL already brought it to the junk shop. :D. But then last night, I realized that there was something more important than giving my son a new bike…

If ever, I will win this contest and receive a huge $100 prize, I will divide the money into three.
$10 will go straight to Kerygma’s paypal account, just like when I receive money from my online earnings. This will serve as my tithes and a way of thanking God for all the blessings that he continue to give me and my family.

$45 will be budgeted for my husband. Its father’s day yesterday and it’s his birthday on July 7, so I wanted to give him a special something on his special day. If ever our finances will permit it, I want us to have a happy and nice weekend getaway. My initial choice is Baguio or Club Manila East. We haven’t been to these places so it will be best to celebrate my husband’s birthday here, just the three of us.

Club Manila East



Lastly, $45 will be budgeted for my son, Jerome James


We don’t have a study desk at home. When we study together we will just use our center table or a folding table which also serves as our dining table or sometimes we will just enjoy sitting on the floor. But I know it would not be good for him especially when it comes to his posture. By August, I will be staying at home already, I won’t have extra money to buy him a study desk but I will have more time to tutor him myself. A study desk would be most useful for him. It will not only be for a short term use but for long term use, especially if I will be able to buy a good quality study desk which can also serve as book shelf.

I can just imagine my little boy studying in a desk similar to the above photo. I’m sure he will be more excited in doing his assignments and arranging his books. If ever, $100 is not for me, but I manage to grab the second or third prize, I will still buy him a study desk. He really needs it, right?

This is my official entry to Noel and Levy’s thanks giving contest. Please support me and help me buy my son a nice study desk for his studies by leaving your comment here. Thank you in advance.

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