Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening

Nuffnang is the Asia-Pacific’s first blog advertising community. They have first class team that matches their advertisers’ needs with bloggers. Aside from advertising, Nuffnang is also a great community for bloggers, it organize and supports different events that can be participated by bloggers. It is not just about earning, it’s about learning and socializing. This makes Nuffnang a first class company.

Hapee is from Lamoiyan Corporation whose mission is to “Improve the quality of life by bringing essential products within the reach of the common people.” Their values are “Pursuit of Excellence, Respect for the Individual, Social Responsibility, and Teamwork” With the mission and values in the heart of the owners and employees makes the company a good competitor in their market. Hapee is a world class product and I myself use their product because of its good quality. This makes Hapee first class.

When you say first class, it is something unmatched or incomparable. Same with Hapee and Nuffnang, they are first class because they are unmatched in their field, it is something worth telling the whole world.

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