We Won!!

Yipee! A good news was given to me by mom last Sunday when she called me at lunch time. I recently joined a contest from our Church community which is called Most creative date challenge. It was the date or road trip that we enjoyed on a weekend which I posted here already.  The criteria for judging is as follows:

The criteria for judging are as follows:
Creativity: 35%
Budget Friendliness: 35%
Romantic or “Kilig” Factor: 15%
Wholesome and Fun: 15%

We won as runner up and our prize is a lunch buffet for 2 at the crowned plaza hotel galleria’s xian tian di restaurant! I am so excited!! :)

So here’s the short description of our date that I sent as entry and at the end of this post are the pictures that I’ve sent too.

Our date trip, as we call our date happened last February 10, 2013, one day before my birthday and two days after our wedding anniversary. Since it’s a Sunday we decided to go to mass first at Manaoag. We rode a bus, we don’t usually do it on a daily basis not even on a long trip, we just enjoyed each other’s company while we are on the road, taking pictures and just having fun. After we attended mass at Manaoag, we ate our lunch at a nearby “carinderia” where we ate Bulalo(the best we ever tasted so far) and bicol express with rice(lots of it) plus softdrink which cost only 180 pesos but we enjoyed it so much, a break from the common restaurant date. After, we went to SM City Rosario and instead of the usual strolling at the mall, we went to Tom’s world and enjoyed singing videoke, we bought 10 pieces of token for only 50 pesos. After our singing session, we rode a bus on our way to Manila, and watched a movie on our tablet and just enjoy our trip. The cost for transportation from Cubao to Manaoag and vice versa is Zero, I took advantage of my privilege as I am working in a bus company. Upon arriving Cubao, we just ate at Mcdo as our dinner and to end our day, which cost only 100 pesos.  From Cubao to our house is 58.00, total cost of the date, is Php388.00. Our day started early in the morning and ended late in the evening, a days spent together just to two of us, simple but lots of happiness that will be treasured forever. Upon, arriving home, a surprise was waiting, which is another story.

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