Sleeping styles

As I was searching about a project that I need to finish, I landed on several personality tests. I am very much interested in tests like this as I like trying if the assessment really fits me. Anyway, I found out that sleeping style can also reveal what kind of person is. Some would say the sleeping can vary, like when sleeping on a latex mattress is comfortable rather than sleeping on a simple mat. But what really matter is the style of sleeping as seen below.

sleeping styles


As for me, my sleeping style is Letter A. “I am tough when outside but sensitive at heart” as stated on file that I found from Success and wellness institute. It also says that people who choose the letter A are quite hesitate when they first meet somebody but relax. This is very me, as I tend to be shy and timid with new people but once I get to know them and they get to know me, everything would be easier. How about you? Which sleeping style do you prefer? Later on, I will post the other meaning of the other styles.

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