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Asus Eee PAD

My friend was asking me what would be the best brand and model of a laptop to buy. Since, I am not that aware with the latest model and the specification, I searched the internet this morning and while I was searching I found this computer tablet from Asus called Eee Pad Asus. The touch screen and the lightweight design of this gadget will give you comfortable grasp with whatever position you are in. One of its many features is a speedy NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2 dual-core processor that makes video chat or conference possible with the help of 1.2 MP camera in front and video recording with the help of the 5MP camera on the rear side. And it can be turn into an instant laptop through the QWERTY keyboard to make typing faster and more efficient. The batter life lasts up to sixteen hours. Upon seeing the tablet and the other features, I myself would want to own one, though not right now. :)

Season Two

February is coming and it means it our special month is coming too. Aside from birthdays, anniversary and Valentine’s Day celebrations, my husband would also be busy with their basketball games. Another season of their basketball competition will begin by February. This will be their second season to join the basketball club. That’s why as early as now they are planning about their uniforms and the fee they have to pay. My husband asked me to print sample designs of jerseys. This is where hp printers become useful. I don’t really print often but good thing my mother’s HP printer is here so I can easily assist my husband. Last season they were able to grab the third place and I hope this season they will do better.

My computer

my computer

I have two desktop computers now. I was able to buy both of them at a very low price courtesy of my previous employer. I was the owner of both computers while I was still working in that company. The first one is a bit old and I bought it about 2 years ago while the other one is the one that I currently use. My brother in law already told my husband his intention to buy the first computer but I am having second thoughts on selling it though I don’t use it at all. The computer is quite old and the last time we used it, it was running slow. I am afraid that my brother in law would not be very happy in using it. I am also thinking of asking my brother to fix it first before selling. I know if my Brother in law would be able to get the computer, it would be very useful for his daughters. I hope my brother won’t be too busy next week so I can ask him to fix the old computer.

Apple iPad

Ipad is developed by Apple, one of the few gadgets that I want to own myself. Do you own one already? It is a tablet computer that has built in applications that you can’t do on any other devices. The multi touch screen let you surf, send email, flip through your photos without any hassle. You can listen to music, watch videos, or read ibooks. Ipad has many useful applications, and with its current price in the market have you thought of having ipad insurance? You can insure your ipad from accidents, like spills, flood, theft or cracked screen. It would be wise to insure your ipad as compared to buying a new one when something happened to your device.

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Point of Sale

POS or Point of sale systems are programs that assists a business, it maybe small or big retail business. POS systems are a big help not only with the cash count but also the inventory of the products. The most basic POS is the cash register. When I was working in a fast food restaurant, I was able to see the transition from a cash register to the software based POS. For me, this software based POS are more helpful in the business and is more user friendly. I remember, I was able to use a touch screen POS. I was able to adapt to it more quickly than with the cash register. At the end of the day, just a simple touch on the buttons, and the summary for the day’s sales would be printed. It’s so easy.

Now, typing this made me miss my friends from the fast food restaurant I used to work before.

The Access Codes..

Our company bought three new sim cards, one from each network. And it will all be loaded and used for unlimited calls. Though, I know almost all access codes for the three networks, I still decided to call their customer service to ask for all their access codes. So, here it goes:

Smart Network
0907    0908    0938
0909    0918    0939
0910    0919
0928    0920
0930    0921

Globe Network
0905   0906
0915   0916
0917   0926
0927   0935

Sun network

Much to my surprise, I was wrong with 0907, I thought it was globe’s access number.Now, I know all the access numbers for the three mobile networks.

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