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Is Iamburaot a Real Buraot?

This is another review to comply with Kaye and pehpot’s contest requirements. I am a bit nervous, because I know that this site and the author have made a mark in the blogosphere.

This is not my first time to visit iamburaot’s site. The first time I visited this site was when I got interested in the blinking yellow-black rectangle near the entrecard widget. A free service wherein you can drop 300 ec credits in just minutes, and since I was just new in blogging, I decided to join this entredropper immediately and landed on the Thirtieth List.

When I landed again on his pages, I noticed that he changed his theme color. I like this better than the old one. Not too masculine but not too feminine. I think it still reflects his personality, as he say, an antisocial. Overview about the author is available, so getting to know him or understanding him would be easier. Everything is clean,and it is easier to navigate or browse the site because site map is available. You can choose what category a visitor wants to visit first. A visitor can even search the archive by month and year if they want to or they can go directly to the entredropper lists.

The sites content is awesome. It covers different categories in the literature, nature & environment, politics, philosophy, money, astronomy, and  web development.  His articles shows us his opinion or views on life around him.  He do have a writing gift and he is very kind to share it to all of us. I really like his article, Dawn of the new life, showed his view on the new year, and somehow made me think of my own life.  It made me admire his writing and personality more.

To answer my question, is iamburaot a Real Buraot? The answer will be a big NO.

Buraot is a tagalog colloquial term for greedy or stupid.

Is he Greedy? definitely not! or else he will not give a free service of the entredropper, he will not sponsor different contests and much more he will not share his talents and gifts to all of us.

Is he Stupid? of course not! Or else, he would not have 222 followers on networkedblogs, or 105 readers by feedburner or even page rank 4.

I will be back to his site to read more of his articles. And of course, your time will not be wasted if you visit Iamburaot.

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