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My son is sleeping; it’s the best time to do what I have to do. Speaking of sleep, it is a very important factor for kids’ growth. I see to it that my kid gets enough sleep. As a preschooler he needs about 10 to 12 hours of sleep. He doesn’t usually get this at night. He sleeps about 8 to 10 hours at night but I make sure that he takes his daytime nap. I saw in my own son that lack of enough sleep affects his behavior too. What I am proud of about him is that he always sleeps soundly at night. Even when he was a baby, I didn’t experience sleepless night because he too was sleeping peaceful at night. I am thinking maybe he is just comfortable with the baby bedding I used for him. It’s simple but he is very comfortable with it.

Some factors to consider in getting a good night sleep is the kids bedding. Your kid should be comfortable with his bed and/or mattress, pillows and blankets. Make sure that you choose the right crib bedding for your babies. Your child has different needs depending on his age.  Keep the area clean and arranged. Make sure also that the lightning in the bedroom is just enough. Bright lights can disturb a child’s sleep. Noise coming from television, phone, or computers should also be avoided. But the most important factor to consider is that the parents should set a good example. If it is time to sleep, parents should initiate the action and start preparing for bed. If the child sees your pattern chances are he will adapt it too. I hope you and your kid will also have a good night sleep.

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