GT: I love me, mentally

It’s Friday and I am late for Girl Talk meme. I was out for the whole day yesterday and when we got home there was no net connection. Oh, anyway, I am always late in almost all memes. :)

This week’s topic is about loving oneself mentally. I am not that intelligent but I am not totally dumb at all. I am not a consistent honor student from Elementary to High School but I manage to maintain high grades. My grades are often line of 9 and I seldom get line of 8 grades. I experience getting a grade of 79 in high school and would you believe that the subject was Filipino? Hehehehe. That was my first and only time I experience receiving that kind of grade. I managed to graduate High school with honors plus best in Physics and math. Yes! While most of the girls dread Math, I love math. For me it’s the most practical subject because we use it in our daily lives. Too bad, I was not able to get scholarship in college that’s why I was forced to stop studying. But when I was able to take a two year course, again, I graduated with honors again.

I am also good in directions and I can easily go to a place with proper instructions, maybe because I hate asking a stranger where a place is. I can easily remember things but lately I have problems remembering some names of some person, I blame it on my CS operation. I can think maturely but I can think like a child too. It’s fun being childlike, thinking of no worries and just enjoying the game.  I am a little hard headed because whenever I ask my friends for advice I would usually do exactly the opposite of their advice. It may be good or bad but I want to decide on my own not just because somebody tells me to do it. I do think a lot before deciding on things though I have lots of wrong decision but I learn from them. I became stronger because of them because for me, experience is the best teacher in this game called life.

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