Mommy Moments: Hairstyles

Plain and simple. This is the hairstyle of my son errr is it really hairstyle? Hahaha because his all time hairstyle is KALBO or skin head, that’s why when he was younger we call him JJ kalbo.

But as he grows he don’t want to this style always. To see his latest hairstyle visit here.
This is my share for
mommy moments
better late than never. hehehe

2 Responses to “Mommy Moments: Hairstyles”

  • seth:

    oo nga naman sis skin head na skin head naman pla si baby…siguro nagtataka sya why yung mga kalaro nya may hair tapos sya wala kaya gusto na din nya ng may hair…heheheh :-)

  • Hi there! He is a cute kalbo :0 My husband wanted to make my son bald also but I would not allow it bec he’d definitely look like shaolin kid.

    thanks for visiting :)

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