Fun Gift from YouSayToo

Yousaytoo awards, ended last February 9, and the winners was announced last February 11. I am so happy that I still manage to be on the top 6 and I will be able to receive their fun gift.

This was possible because of all the support I receive from other bloggers and friends.

The sewing Mom
Lainy’s Musing
Stories in Life
My simple Life
Business Sphere
Here Anything Goes
Laane on the world
Careless Whisper
The Memet Diaries
Poetic Note


And to ALL friends and visitors who rated my blog.

These are the bloggers who left a comment on my entry. If I miss your name, I’m sorry, didn’t mean it,  just leave me a comment and I will gladly add your name and your link on the list. ^_^
Also, Congratulations to all other bloggers who made it to the top 10. Special mention to Pinay Bloggers, Kaye, PJ, Levy, Melandria.

Superb Mom of Make or Break

Among all the bloggers, I’ve known Pehpot first.  We met when we were still addicted to Cosmo board, a forum for fun, fearless females. I had a great time replying to her topics or comments and eventually we had some time to chat. Until, I can’t find her anymore at cosmo only to find out she was addicted to Mylot. She invited me and I got addicted also. ^_^ Until, she was lost again. hahaha. can’t find her on mylot, until I created my own blog, and she sent me a message at YM congratulating me on my blog, only to find out that she is already a big time in blogosphere. ^_^

I like Make or break’s layout. The header is beautiful, I can just imagine Pehpot being busy as a mom and yet blogs are in her mind. Two column with big side bar and mini sidebar and a three column footer. It has navigation bar for disclosure policy and links, just don’t click the about and advertise tab unless you can understand Latin. ^_^. A very clean layout and cool to the eyes, you can find the categories and archives on the sidebar so it’ll be easier for her visitor to choose where to read first. Visitors can even chat with her when she is online at YM without asking for her YM id. Of course you can see their contest badge and contest mechanics, at top of the mini sidebars.

Make or break is a parenting blog born because of boredom. Oh, this boredom resulted to 39 post in 2008, and a whooping 509 entries in 2009. This is more than one post a day. And as of the moment, she already have 96 entries for 2010. She is really bored. How I wish I can be as productive as her when I am bored.  lol. This boredome even resulted to Potato Test hahaha. A really crazy idea, but maybe I will try it next time I need a potato for my food. Seriously speaking, I like the way Pehpot, writes her article.  She presents it very well, she might be serious but you can sense the humor in her posts. I can feel how excited to be First time Mommy for a baby girl, Sati. I know this will be my guide in case I’ll have a baby girl on my own.

Home of famous Utoy, the adgitizing tool, that helps a lot of bloggers.  I can go on and on, how good she is with her blogs, considering the she is mainting a total of eight(8) blogs. Aside from the fact, that she still manages to be a good mommy and a sexy wifey to her hubby. This woman is superb!

If you haven’t visited Make or Break, then you are missing a lot!

Addicted to WAHMaholic

Kaye gave birth to WAHMAHOLIC in March 2009. She was persuaded by her friends to get her own domain. But I guess she just did the right thing.
This is about a woman addicted to being a Work At Home Mom. The header shows a woman sitting in front of her PC, working. This is the perfect figure of Kaye, a WAHMaholic. The layout is so clean, with white background but with touches of pink. Very feminine. Though I’m not much fun of pink color, I find this site so cool for the eyes. It has two columns, the sidebar for advertisers and some chitchat for her visitors. At first I had a difficultly in locating the archives, until I found it at the footer together with contact, sitemap, disclosure policy, and of course, adgitize ads and entrecard widget. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it happened whenever I post a comment it doesn’t redirect to the page, but it redirects to a blank page. I’m not sure if it happens to her other visitors, but I tried it on different PC, used mozilla firefox, refreshed after seeing the blank page but the outcome is the same.

The contents of WAHMaholic is more on about her online gigs. How she earns online, doing some sponsored reviews, blog reviews for her blogger friends. She give tips and tricks on the latest earning programs she joins and how to do great in online gigs, just like her article about fillers.  She Creates layout for her customers and blogger friends,  GT’s New layout, is perfect, girls sitting, having a cup of coffee and talking. She really have a talent on web designs.
If in the future, I choose to be WAHM, for sure this site will be bookmarked for more WAHM tips and trick. Just visit her site and be amazed how addicted she is in being WAHM. You can also ask her for new designs for your own blog. Everything is negotiable(I think). ^_^

GT: Valentine Date 2010

I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. Maybe because I am already broke from my birthday and my mom’s birthday ^_^. Sometimes,  I’ll receive a card or a little gift from my hubby, but I don’t really celebrate it extra special. As what my officemate said yesterday, everyday should be a Valentine’s day. This Valentine is just like an ordinary day, My hubby will go to work(as usual), me and my son will be at home, playing the Playstation, doing some household chores, and going to attend mass. At the end of the day, we will bring my son to my mother-in-law’s place.

But I guess, the whole week is just filled with surprises and dates. Though, I still feel some heartaches, my husband still prepared something for me. On our anniversary (last Monday), he texted me, “bukas ka na lang magalit sa akin, uwi ka ng maaga.” hehe. It made me smile. When I got home, he prepared a nice dinner and three white roses. I forgot to take picture. hahaha.

We went out again on Wednesday and Thursday night, good thing, I have my camera with me. heheh. Ok.. Ok.. other date details will be revealed next Thursday, but I think, I need to prepare it now so I won’t be late again next week. haha.

Want to find out a more sweeter way to celebrate V’day, just click the badge below:

GT: My One True Love

I was about to post last week’s topic and this week’s topic together, but when I saw Kharen’s entry(she was late also) hehe, I decided to post it separately.

shot yesterday by my son, JJ

Of course my one true love is my husband, Manuel Castillo Jr., aka Emjhay or MJ for short. hehehe. Actually, his nick “emjhay” originated from me. I baptized him with that nickname because I think MJ is too simple.  We met in a fast food restaurant about seven years ago, we were just co workers then. His a man of few words and we rarely talk, he was too busy with his GF that time. ^_^

We don’t have the perfect relationship, we have misunderstanding from time to time. Actually, last Sunday, a day before our anniversary, we fought about something. o yeah, I blurted it out. I was not really excited on our 5th anniversary because of that. Anyway, In consider myself lucky for having him. He doesn’t smoke and drink. Oh yes, he drinks only on occasion and when the host forces him. His only addition is basketball, playstation(he plays NBA a lot) and me.  He’s a home buddy type, while me, ah, I’m home buddy also, sa home ng buddy ko. ^_^, Of course, that was before we were married. His routine, home-work-home. He rarely go out with his friends or officemates, sometimes, I will be the one to force him, to go, and have fun. heheh.

One thing I hate about him, his Temper.

More stories here:

Wordless Wednesday: Padre Pio

See more wordless Wednesday here

Random Thoughts about Kaye

Comments, comments and more comments. That’s what I’ve been doing at Random WAHM thoughts before I decided to make this review. Actually, I was thinking not just twice, but thrice or more, about how to do this review, if it’ll pass as a review. And yes, while doing this I can hear my heart beats, maybe the guard can even hear it. ^_^ I just think I am so newbie in this reviewing thingy. But when the BIG Blogversary Contest flashed in my mind, I decided to do this. hehehe.

K have a new layout, just about one day old. Brown and green in the background. A girl idly but stylishly sitting on the banner. As I look at it, it reflects a girl randomly thinking, as the site suggest. The layout is really clean and easy to navigate. The sidebar, showing some sponsors, and sites where she earn money online.   Plus, her three column footer to show her latest post, latest comments, chitchats and the blog roll. You won’t get lost here.

K as all of you know is a Work at home mom, and I admire her courage to leave her company and choose to work at home and be with her Svet all the time. while reading her Initial thoughts on working at home, it’s making me think again on leaving my present company.

I like the way she writes and present her thought, she can be oh so serious but can be funny at times also. she can be a little bitchy also, but still will put smiles on your faces. Just visit her site and you’ll be inspired.

To top it all, she and her marce pehpot is running a huge contest, more than $500 is up for grabs, so don’t miss the chance and join the contest <just click the button above>, and don’t even forget to mention here that I referred you. hehehe.

Ruby Tuesday: Mr. & Ms. BPCA

My youngest brother, Rolan, is a third runner up in their school’s search for Mr. & Ms. BPCA.

His partner, Jewel, is very cute little girl.

Music Monday: Because I’m stupid

Hmhhmm…. My brother played this yesterday while we were eating our snack, so I decided to post it here because I also like this song, a sound track from Boys over Flower.

Lyrics | Boys Over Flowers lyricsBecause I’m Stupid lyrics

I searched for a translation of the lyrics, and I found one from Gerry chew

Because I am a fool
The only thing I think about is you
But I know that you are thinking about somebody else
And you probably don’t even know my heart

I probably don’t exist in your daily life
And I’m sure you have no thoughts of me
But for me, I spend my days thinking about you
And my tears keep falling

Just looking at your retreating figure
Is happiness to me
Even if you don’t know my feelings
Even if you simply brush me aside

In those days when I desperately want to see you
Those days that are so hard to bear
My mouth wordlessly repeats “I love you”
Alone once again I cry for you
Alone once again I’m missing you
Baby I love you
I’m waiting for you

I probably don’t exist in your daily life
And I’m sure you have no memories of me
But for me, I spend my days thinking about you
And create my own memories

For me
Love is a beautiful scar
Even when I see your beautiful smile
I cannot smile with you

In those days when all I think about is you
Those days when my heart is cold and sad
My mouth wordlessly repeats “I want to see you”
Alone once again I cry for you
Alone once again I’m missing you
Baby I love you
I’m waiting for you

Bye bye never say good bye
Even though I can never have you
I need you
I can’t say a word, I want you

I keep hoping and hoping
In those days when I desperately want to see you
Those days that are so hard to bear
My mouth wordlessly repeats “I love you”
Alone once again I cry for you
In those days when all I think about is you
Those days when my heart is cold and sad
My mouth wordlessly repeats “I want to see you”
Alone once again I cry for you
Alone once again I’m missing you
Baby I love you
I’m waiting for you

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Nobody is Perfect

I always believe that

Nobody is Perfect!

But it still hurts knowing that someone you love committed a mistake.

Novena to God’s Love
Today, I receive all of God’s love for me. Today, I open myself to the unbounded, limitless, overflowing abundance of God’s universe. Today, I open myself to your blessings, healing, and miracles. Today, I open myself to God’s Word so that I become more like Jesus every day. Today, I proclaim that I’m God’s Beloved, I’m God’s Servant, I’m God’s Powerful Champion, And because I am blessed, I will bless the world, In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
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