My son’s Birthday & Your Support

Tomorrow is my son’s birthday. I won’t be coming to work to prepare food for his classmates. We will just bring a packed food for their recess.

But we will have a gathering at home on Saturday.

I’ll be busy starting tomorrow, but I hope you will help me win Yousaytoo’s Contest by rating me.

I just need your votes, or I can say just THREE Clicks from you.

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Thank you in advance for your supports. I will appreciate it a lot.

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Welcoming the Love Month

January has ended and now February marks its beginning today. February is very special month to me and my family for many reasons. Not just because Valentine’s Day is celebrated this month. I know plenty of people who celebrate their birthday on this special month. To start with, My son celebrates his birthday on the 5th, and he will be 5 years old on Friday. My mom’s birthday is on the 7th, my birthday is on the 11th and my brother’s long time GF, Leah is on the 20th. To add, me and my husband will be celebrating our 5th Wedding anniversary and our 6th anniversary as girlfriend-boyfriend.

Some friends who celebrate their birthdays includes Pehpot <today>, Melchor(an ex BF) on the 3rd , Rose on the 4th,  Joy-Anne on the 7th, Tito Lony on the 9th, Ivy Rose on the 10th, Nang on the 12th

So, let the celebration begin…..

The Kiddos enjoying DQ

I invited three of my officemates and our children to have a get together at Market! Market! yesterday.  We met at around 11 am but me and my son arrived before 10am so we decided to eat breakfast first.

enjoying breakfast

Chito and family arrived first, so our kids enjoyed the ride first.

the ride!


When the two families arrived, we enjoy playing at Time zone, ate our lunch at KFC, have our dessert at Dairy Queen, and in the afternoon we went out to the playground for fun, fun, fun.

at the playground

Over all, the get together was fun and the kids enjoyed their time together. We separated ways at around 5 in the afternoon already. ^_^

There will be another celebrations to come….

Happy Birthday to all February Celebrants

Music Monday: One More Time

I like watching Boys over Flower, when it was aired every night at ABS-CBN. Though I don’t understand the song, I just like listening to it.

haruga nuhmoona dudigo nuhmoo himdeulda
neh ma eumeul da bo ilyuh hehdo geude bol sooga obssuhsuh

nan geujuh jinagan shiganeul wonmang hago issuh
ddo gyehjuli ddo baggwi uhgagodo naneun yuhjunhi seulpuh

one more time
apado jogeum duh sarangeul halgul
nuhmaneul wi heh ootgo nuh maneul wi heh oolgeh

one more time
juh haneul ddeuguhoon taeyang chulum
youngwonhi nuh eh modeun gul sarangheh ojik nuh maneul

one more time

oosan sok dajunghan ni moseub nuhmoona geulibda
i noonmooleul ddo dakggabojiman naneun yuhjunhi seulpuh

one more time
apado jogeum duh sarangeul halgul
nuhmaneul wi heh ootgo nuh maneul wi heh oolgeh

one more time
bam haneul bitnaneun byulbit chulum
youngwonhi nuh eh modeun gul sarangheh ojik nuh maneul

one more time

ooli ehgeh gateun neh ili chaja ogileul yaksokheh
ooli ehgeh gateun hengboki chaja ogileul yaksokheh
unjena gyutteh isseulggeh

one more time
apado jogeum duh sarangeul halgul
nuhmaneul wi heh ootgo nuh maneul wi heh oolgeh

one more time
juh haneul ddeuguhoon taeyang chulum
youngwonhi nuh eh modeun gul sarangheh ojik nuh maneul

one more time
on my love for you
oh one more time
oh my love for you
one more time

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01.30.10 Happenings….

We were co-workers

As service crew at Jollibee

We became acquaintances

Talking and sharing our thoughts about work

We became common friends

Going out together to have lots of fun

We became close friends

We have our share of silly things,

doin’ some really nice stuffs but also some really naughty stuffs

We became best of friends

Sharing our happiness and sadness, our ups and downs

We were young then

We are STILL best of friends….

More mature, have our own family,

But still we are together

We may not see each other as often as before but still we are intact

The friendship is now 10 years old and still counting.

The bond getting stronger…..

our latest gimik, last Saturday at Red carpet in Malate, it’s been a long time since we last bonded like this.

four of the original and closest girl friends

four of the original and closest girl friends

from left that’s me, jack and ana. oh, did I say four? hahaha, the other one didn’t arrive,  she is with us in spirit. haha. Peace mabel!

the whole group with husband and wife

From left, Jeff, Rean and Jim(inseparable), Ron, Jack, Ana, Me and MJ, and Jomar(ana’s partner)

‘Til next time! Just keep the communication lines Open!

GT: First Boyfriend

FIrst Kiss is the third installment and First Boyfriend is the last installment for Girl Talks’ January Theme “firsts.” I wasn’t able to post my First Kiss last Thursday because I am trying to recall who was my first kiss, but my mind just choose to remember the kiss from my First Boyfriend. I guess there are just some memories that need to be buried in the past.

Anyway, I had my boyfriend when I was seventeen years old. I was working at Jollibee that time as a service crew and so was he. Boyfriend thingy is not in my mind that time, I was just focused with work and my friends. I know I had a crush on somebody but I choose to ignore it. Until such time, that my brother fetch me at work and I was talking to a fellow guy crew. So, I need to introduce them to my brother, unfortunately, I made a mistake with the name of the guy. Just made a joke about it. After that, I just realized that I can’t take my eyes away from the guy. Whenever I see him I just feel happy. I talked to my best friend, and I hate to admit that I liked the guy and she said that this guy is asking much about me also. Until, our ‘barkada’ decided to plan an outing, and this guy, which is also part of the circle of barkada, wants to come also. While waiting outside our store, me and the guy were talking, I mentioned that I am not sure about the outing since my best friend will not go. At that point, he also mentioned that he is also hesitant to go because of some reasons… When my best friend joined us, I told her the story…. To make the conversation short, my best friend, still didn’t join the outing, but me and the guy was forced to go. ^_^

At the resort, we had a nice conversation and in the end we agreed to share to each other who is the person we like a lot.  So, he admitted that he liked me and I admitted that I liked him. ^_^. I was really, really happy.  Few days after, we became a couple.  <I don’t really believe in long courtship, I have my own reasons. >   Anyway, we were able to hide our relationship from the rest of our barkada and the store for more than a month.  Unfortunately,  after two or three months, he ended his contract with Jollibee, and it was the start of the end.hehehe. We see each other very seldom, but I was hoping and understanding him, since he was busy with his studies. Until, I got tired of waiting, I told the world, we broke up already! hahah. entertained other guy, I got a fling, but still he was in my mind and heart. Hahah. stupid me, I told my friends, to set us up to meet so we can talk. It happened. We broke up formally. But, things turned suddenly, we became a couple again. ^_^. Well,  it happened again…. Communication lost…. I entertained another guy… then, he’s back…..

I really love him.  He was my first love. And I was so crazy that several years passed, we saw each other again, and the result, me and him together again. I think for six years, we were on and off. I had other relationship, actually, I have one serious relationship that lasted for two years, he also have his own relationships, but I keep on looking for him, and as he said, he is also looking for me. I just don’t know why we can’t be together for good.

We are still friends now. He is my facebook friend. We still have common friends. And the world is really small, his GF right now, is a sister of my classmate in High School. We already have one final talk. I hope it’s the end of everything. ^_^

Oh, I forgot, his name is Jommel Abuloc. No problem, if he reads this, he knows everything. Even my husband, knows how much I love that guy. I just don’t know if he still remembers. hahaha.

Want to know more about the first boyfriend of girl talkers, click the badge:

The Talents of Cebu Inmates

Cebu inmates have been very popular especially in youtube and in the news. Michael Jackson’s Choreographer and two back up dancer visited the inmates. They are just so amazing and talented. Here’s the video I got from youtube.

Laughing with AnakniKulapo

Visiting AnakniKulapo is another first for me. I landed on this blog because of Kaye and Pehpot’s contest (again ^_^). He is one of the major sponsors and I need to review this site. woow! I am sweating right now.  But wait, when I opened AnakniKulapo, I smiled. Actually, I wanted to laugh loud but I can’t because I’m in the office and I don’t want other people to think I am crazy.

This is another site by buraot. Wow, he is not only good in Literature but also in Humor. The menu itself made me laugh, especially because at the FAQ, wherein he put ‘u’ (FAQu) making it look like he is saying bad words. Of course, there is the warning for the readers. The site is not for too young but also not for too old. Most recent posts & commenters, categories and some ads are on the side bar.  You can choose from the category what topics you want to visit, all written in Tagalog. I think the layout is clean and easy to navigate. Though, the site would be best enjoyed by Filipinos or people who can understand our language.

If you are stressed from your work or just stressed from the people around you, visiting this site would just put your stress away, especially, if you see his new office for 2010. Just a few words, but the pictures say it all. The pictures and his wordings in each article are really funny, I was even thankful that I don’t get really drunk like in “Malaimpaktong hangover for Women” Of course it has a counter part for men.  Do check it out.

Anyway, if you are looking a break from your stressful life, just visit Anakni Kulapo, and get a real good laugh.

Is Iamburaot a Real Buraot?

This is another review to comply with Kaye and pehpot’s contest requirements. I am a bit nervous, because I know that this site and the author have made a mark in the blogosphere.

This is not my first time to visit iamburaot’s site. The first time I visited this site was when I got interested in the blinking yellow-black rectangle near the entrecard widget. A free service wherein you can drop 300 ec credits in just minutes, and since I was just new in blogging, I decided to join this entredropper immediately and landed on the Thirtieth List.

When I landed again on his pages, I noticed that he changed his theme color. I like this better than the old one. Not too masculine but not too feminine. I think it still reflects his personality, as he say, an antisocial. Overview about the author is available, so getting to know him or understanding him would be easier. Everything is clean,and it is easier to navigate or browse the site because site map is available. You can choose what category a visitor wants to visit first. A visitor can even search the archive by month and year if they want to or they can go directly to the entredropper lists.

The sites content is awesome. It covers different categories in the literature, nature & environment, politics, philosophy, money, astronomy, and  web development.  His articles shows us his opinion or views on life around him.  He do have a writing gift and he is very kind to share it to all of us. I really like his article, Dawn of the new life, showed his view on the new year, and somehow made me think of my own life.  It made me admire his writing and personality more.

To answer my question, is iamburaot a Real Buraot? The answer will be a big NO.

Buraot is a tagalog colloquial term for greedy or stupid.

Is he Greedy? definitely not! or else he will not give a free service of the entredropper, he will not sponsor different contests and much more he will not share his talents and gifts to all of us.

Is he Stupid? of course not! Or else, he would not have 222 followers on networkedblogs, or 105 readers by feedburner or even page rank 4.

I will be back to his site to read more of his articles. And of course, your time will not be wasted if you visit Iamburaot.

Listening to Mom Conversations

At first, I thought Mom Conversation is the same with the other site, I usually visit through a click on adgitize ad. Silly me, I was so wrong. So I need to read again the short description of Mom conversation at Pehpot’s page. Looks like I am so tensed with this blog review knowing that the hosts of this contest are an extraordinaire in reviews (quoting from Kaye’s post ^_^)  I am so newbie here.

Mom Conversation is a new site which is a word press template designed by Spices of life. Since I am a new visitor in this site I was looking for the author’s profile or any information about the author. Unfortunately it is not available but I was able to read that the Author’s name is Umma. I love the simple yet direct layout.  It’s nice that there are categories on top, very visible and visitors can easily choose what topics or categories they want to see first.

Since this is a new site, there are a few topics available. Though, I can say that the topics are very informative. The topics are from pregnancy to babies to health and fitness.  I agree so much with her article about wooden toys. Yes, this site is very useful for moms like me.

Definitely, I will be back here to read the rest of the articles and see what is in store for this new site. I can feel that this will be another big time blog. I followed the blog,  so I can easily track if there are new articles. I would also recommend this site to all the moms.

Browsing the pages of Seiko’s diary

This is my first time to Visit Seiko’s Diary. I have always encountered her name in the different blogs, so I guess she is a popular blogger. I’ve been wanting to visit her and now is a chance since she is a major sponsor to  Pehpot and Kaye’s contest.

Seiko is using a blogger template with one big sidebar and two mini sidebar with light pink background. Unfortunately, some of the widgets on the right mini-bar didn’t fit the column. I thought that this mommy blogger is from Japan because of the touches of Japanese graphics in her layout, true enough because I checked her profile and she is located in Kumamoto, Japan. The loading of the page is not that fast, but upon loading I can hear “how did you know” playing in the background. It made me smile. It’s nice to hear a song playing while browsing her site. I love the banner, it shows the picture of the family and I was really interested in getting to know her, so I decided to browse through the old articles but I had a little hard time looking for the archive. Nevertheless, I like the layout because I think it’s perfect for Ms. Seiko.

As what the title suggests, this blog is about Seiko’s life journey as a mother and as a wife.  I really enjoyed reading some of her entries for weekly meme’s like Couple’s Corner and Mommy Momments. It reflects how loving she is. As I was reading her article and looking through the pictures I can feel that she is just here telling me stories of her life.  There is just an open question in my mind, when I read her profile it says she have four offsprings but when I look at the archive, I saw an article “they are five not four...” I guess, I will be browsing her pages more so I’ll find the answer.

In the end, I decided to follow Seiko’s blog, so I will be updated if ever there will be new posts. And definitely, I will be back, to read more about her life stories. You can also get to know her more by visiting Seiko’s Diary.

Novena to God’s Love
Today, I receive all of God’s love for me. Today, I open myself to the unbounded, limitless, overflowing abundance of God’s universe. Today, I open myself to your blessings, healing, and miracles. Today, I open myself to God’s Word so that I become more like Jesus every day. Today, I proclaim that I’m God’s Beloved, I’m God’s Servant, I’m God’s Powerful Champion, And because I am blessed, I will bless the world, In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
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